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Instagram: @marlamariegeorge

Marla George Artist Statement

People are a narrative. What they wear, what they say, how they move. It all tells a story. When I look at a person, all of this visual information comes together creating a sense of personality. I am always learning and observing from my own personal social situations as well as those around me. Figurative sculpture allows me to explore different personalities and how they are communicated.
I hand-build most of my pieces using a red earthenware clay, which gives depth and energy to my figures. Then I paint them with underglaze, stains, and acrylic. I use everything from photos, television, mirrors, and memory for reference when constructing these characters.Their inspiration comes from real life situations and ideas.

Artist Bio

Originally from Mount Airy, NC, I have been in Asheville for eight years. I graduated from UNCA in 2013 and have been sculpting in Asheville’s River Arts District ever since.