Frank Vickery Artist Statement


Working with clay is not a supplemental part of my life, it is an essential component of my existence.  As a child, barefoot in the mud, I molded mud castles from my imagination and covered myself in costumes of muck; and that is how it began, a love for the plentiful material beneath my feet. Through study, process and practice, my understanding of the possibilities of clay as a material for creation has grown far beyond the mud puddles of my youth.  A part of me and the journey it took to get here, exists in every piece.

Artist Bio

Frank Vickery has been working in clay for 20 years with multiple years devoted to instruction in clay arts. His ceramic works and teaching approach centers around the contributing education model of workshops, academia, and dedicated studio hours. Frank started his career as a middle school art teacher in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  His graduate work was completed at Western Carolina University, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2012.  Frank is currently the Director of Ceramics at The Bascom where he also teaches ceramics classes. Frank is known for the quality of his work, his dedication to the field of ceramics, and his enthusiastic ability to share his talent and knowledge with his students.