Eli Nelms Portfolio

Contact Info

Web: sostokedpottery.com
Email: so.stoked.pottery@gmail.com
Instagram:  @so.stoked.pottery

Eli’s Bio

I have been working in clay since 2007 when I took my first ceramics class at Mercer University. Until we fired a small wood kiln as a final project, I had little interest in pursuing ceramics; but then I was hooked. After being introduced to the professor’s group of firing friends, I continued for the next two years to make work to fire in his Anagama kiln in Juliette, Georgia with a group of older potters. In the fall of 2011 I moved to Asheville to pursue life as a studio potter. My work has evolved from simple, imprinted pots into functional sculpture over the past several years. I have started to fire with gas for brighter pots to contrast ones from the wood kiln. I hand build using templates I’ve made and molds for larger forms. All texture is hand-carved on each piece. I am most inspired by patterns in the natural world and traditional carved and turned wood forms from this area.