Bridget Fox Artist Statement


Mudventions are the inventions of my cosmic imagination mingling with my hands in mud. Inspired by the textures, patterns and unusual organisms of the natural world I create a rare undersea garden of earthly treasures, cerebral concoctions and cosmic delights.

The versatility of ceramics to integrate my creative style and artistic vision with the circus of ideas doing somersaults in my head is complete therapy for my soul. Exploring the endless possibilities of the ceramic alchemical process will seduce and fulfill me forever. It is a path of perpetual experimentation and exciting unpredictability that continually challenges me to balance my circus of ideas with the practicality of executing them. For me, ceramics as a creative medium leaves no room for boredom, and always opens doors to new discoveries and mudtastical dimensions.

By blending the aquatic with the botanic I aim to produce a distinct species of intriguing work highlighting the scientific artistry and dynamic complexity of nature. My passion is distilling unique designs from my intricate neural networks that imprint a resonant texture on your soul by providing stimulating sensory enlightenment and evoking an inspirational awareness. Being able to engage in a full time creative process allows an authentic expression of my spirit by connecting me to the divine magical essence of life.

Artist Bio

Bridget grew up in Knoxville, TN loving art and science classes and exploring the great outdoors. Her desire for a creative life profession using her hands drove her to pursue an art degree at the University of Georgia where she received a BFA in Ceramics in 1996. Since then she has continued to grow her education by taking intensive workshops in architectural ceramics, glaze formulation, slip casting and mold making. Her persistent dedication to creating one of a kind pieces in her unique style has won her many awards.
Website: mudventions.com
Instagram: @mudventions
Email: Bfox@mudventions.com